Friday, July 10, 2009

The end

*sniff sniff

And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
excerpt from Frank Sinatra's My Way

*sniff sniff is closing! Ending! Actually, more like moving.. TO a domain more fitting of the contents. More about Toby and family stuffs.. Come to think of it, might most probably be all about Toby. Everyone's more interested in the baby than the two people that worked hard in caring for the baby.. =P

Sigh.. Looking back to the first post. We've come a looong way. Buh bye blog! It was fun while it lasted..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

water baby

What a weekend.. I'm knackered. Took a few minutes off to JUST close my eyes. Woke myself up with a snore! haha! We spend a good part of Saturday at Serasa Yacht Club for a birthday. Beautiful balloons all over. I love going to the Yacht Club. The classic clubhouse and the sight of the sea a few steps away from civilisation.

There's a pool there and we brought Toby in the afternoon for a swim. My dear son simply loves the water.. loves it with a capital L. He would actually protest if his daily bath too 'short' of a time. Bought him a mini pool for home but we finally had the chance to put him into a big pool at the birthday bash. We were in the pool for a little more than an hour. He was getting tired and we could see from his eyes that he really wanted to sleep but with so much water to play with, who needs sleep?! hehe.. Usually, he would make lots of noise and get fidgetty when he's tired and ready for a nap.

getting ready to plunge into the pool
*note his big smile!
swimming in his baby float
Another year older, a little wiser maybe? =p

Happy birthday Ping!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Gtalking with a buddy and I realised that he's got his name for his email. Earlier this morning, Mr Friday Night was commenting about he would like to get an email add that's good for both personal and professional use. Basically something not too kiddy.. =P

I tried (again) today to see if I could get my name for my email. Then I remembered why I chose bisquit instead of my name.. Hey! It's been that long k???

Gmail Team's welcome email

28th June 2004! that's... *counting fingers* 12 more days to 5 years.

Interesting fact about Gmail. Started on April's Fool, 2004 AND now after 5 years, it's still in 'beta' mode.... Ah I remember those times. Before Gmail was released to the public. The only way you got a gmail account was by invite from someone else who had an existing account. Does anyone remember Hehe.. the things people were willing to give JUST for a gmail..

Kiasu mummy registered a gmail for Toby. Like Frankie said, he'll thank me in the future.. I hope! hehe..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Eyes tearing up...

*Sniff sniff* So proud of her. Hehe...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Water baby

Finally managed to get hold of a Bumbo seat for Toby. A relief off our arms but of course we don't leave him in there too long as his spine is still not that strong yet but he's most happy when in a sitting position or when we're on the move.

 munching on Greg's ear

Went to Caleb's party yesterday. (Happy 3rd birthday Caylupee!) So many people to see and carry him with the CONSTANT complain and exclamation about how heavy he is. Yes people! We know that he's a big boy.. And to be honest, we're really happy about it. We prayed for a strong and healthy boy. God delivered as He promised in His word that He would. Trust Him to give more than what you ask for. A really strong and healthy boy.

Toby went for his monthly checkup today. He's officially 8.13kg and 69cm long. According to the charts, he's on the 95th percentile for both weight and length. Can't wait for him to grow older. I wonder which sports he would dabble in.. Basketball like his Ah Ku? Football like his daddy? Just pray that it's NOT rugby.. Don't get me wrong, I like watching rugby and think it's an awesome game but I don't think I can stomach watching my son in such a contact sport. Maybe Toby would be Brunei's answer to Yao Ming.. Ka Ching!! $$$ =D

The only person who didn't complain carrying him was Toby's Unc Nick. The word he used was "siok". It turns out that he's finally gotten himself a camera phone!

 Practicing his skills snapping lil' Toby

All I can say is, "Great shots Nick!"

Unc Nick's SHOT OF THE YEAR of Toby

Who We Are

Two long time good friends who played and worked together for so many years, found love and got married on 30.12.06

Soon, we'll be a family of 3! Due date 13.02.09 but hopefully on 03.02 instead as we will then have another running number pattern with Chel's sis on 03.01 and her mum on 03.03

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